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Allying with Nature

Allying with Nature's mission is to create a virtual community to guide and welcome people towards a more fulfilling, happy and sustainable life through the integration of Nature in their day to day and the reduction of their ecological footprint.


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How to REALLY get started reducing your ecofootprint

By James Manresa | September 30, 2020

As with any plan that seeks to make a change, whether it is losing weight, saving money or reducing your ecological footprint, the first thing you need to know is what is the current situation, the reference or starting point from which we shall take action. If I was to lose weight (which I should, …

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The blue of the perpendiculars

By James Manresa | May 27, 2020

Moby fills the air. You see an arm stroke with each piano key as the trees slip by the car window, protected by their shade. Water is still dripping down your back wetting your t-shirt, although some drops prefer the generous outline of your nose to slide until they rest on your lips. You thankfully …

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