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James de costat

James Manresa

Standing up in this sloping little piece of forest, I know that this is where I want to live. A gentle spring generously spreads its sun over me, and I am engulfed by what I like to call “natural silence”: birds chirping and, allow me, the rumour of the Mediterranean breeze.

I look around, taking in every detail: pine trees, cork oaks, butterflies, jays, great tits and other birds cross the landscape in lighting speed in all directions. I spread my arms open, and with watery eyes, I speak...


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How to REALLY get started reducing your ecofootprint

By James Manresa | September 30, 2020

As with any plan that seeks to make a change, whether it is losing weight, saving money or reducing your ecological footprint, the first thing you need to know is what is the current situation, the reference or starting point from which we shall take action. If I was to lose weight (which I should, …

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El blau de les perpendiculars

By James Manresa | May 27, 2020

Sona Moby. A cada tecla de piano hi veus una braçada mentre els plataners van passant per les finestretes del cotxe, protegit per la seva ombra. L’aigua et regalima encara per l’esquena i et mulla la samarreta, tot i que alguna gota prefereix els contorns del teu generós nas per lliscar fins a posar-se’t sobre …

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